Winter. Snow. Calmness.

YOO 3465 s Winter. Snow. Calmness.

Im happy to present you winter session with beautiful Anna Pamyatka. Here`s what she says about our creative work:

– Collaboration experience with Iryna is not just experience, this is partnership and creative symbiosis. In her presense I feel  in timeless dimension. She feels and understands me better than I realize myself. With her I reveal myself to the world without masks and roles, I struggle against my fears and idleness, she is my motivator for further development and my Muse. Asana “Scorpion”  is the excellent example of it.  I was terrified to perform it and could not even assume I would be able to do that on the windowsill. But she was more than confident. And it did happen.  With her help I managed it. Iryna, thank you for your faith in me and for your profound insight.  You unvail peoples implicit potential. You are astounding!