19867146 1611495442215733 1668312974 o AboutYoga photography is quintessence of my creative pursuit. For the couple of years I have been torn between the path of yogateacher and that of photographer, constantly improving myself in both directions. I discovered I can perfectly combine two greatest passions of my life and “teach” through the picture. My own yoga experience allows me to go beyond the boundaries of imaging the asana and approach the essence. And I’m happy when my message reaches your heart.

As a practitioner, I aspire to show the mystery and beauty of yoga in my works.  I see Yoga as a powerful instrument of self-knowledge and conscious movement towards the true Self, as a pure stream of energy, as means of communication with the World.  The unity of men and Universe is important issue to be explored and embodied for me. Another challenging but vital thing to represent are the yogin’s mind transformation processes. My pictures are created to remind that it’s not all about the asana and to encourage people to go deeper in theirselves.

Along with going on the inner journey, I am a passionate traveller, beleiving one founds himself on the way.

Based in Stuttgart, Germany. Available for editorial/commercial assignment and private sessions worldwide.