Viva Orangutan

18 bw Viva Orangutan

This Fotosession enabled me to adopt Popi, the orangutan girl from East Kalimantan. Little Popi was confiscated from a family in the Sempayau village in East Kalimantan in September 2016 by the Centre for Orangutan Protection. This village is near a palm oil plantation. It is highly likely that Popi’s mother was killed by palm oil plantation workers or sold illegally as a pet. She was estimated to be only eight weeks of age when she was rescued.

Adoption is one of the most pleasant and personolized ways to donate.You will get enorm satisfaction from the fact you are taking care of “your” animal. If you would like to adopt an Orangutan, it is very easy – just like bying your stuff on intenet: Here are few links:

Thank you Kati Rügheimer for your heart full of compassion and generosity!
You can read more about the Project Viva Orangutan and  become a model – go to this article in Kati`s Yoga blog.