72 bw 1 Perception

Here`s what my model Tanya Myahkova says:

These marvelous pics were taken in Thailand by Iryna Zamora. Fate has granted the precious gift once again – I got acquainted with absolutely lucid, out-going and complete person of light. I’m so delighted with our meeting!!!! What a marvel was a process of posing!!! Iryna, thank you so much!

In the photo I am a novice Yogi. These photos were taken after 2 years of sessions under A.Sydersky system.

My initial motive was not extraordinary at all: to strengthen the back, stretches and physical fitness. Very soon it was turned into an adventurous process of cognition myself and the world. As Yoga is an immense world and as soon as you open up the door you will be caught up by a flow of incredible.

Once you have started to believe that you have made out/discerned something (understood – ha-ha), the next, a little deeper lever of unknown comes to light. That’s a real thrill!