Fenster zu Paris

YOO 3196 Fenster zu Paris

This album differs from my previous ones as it had appeared in my fantasy long before the pictures were taken. It`s been an amazing experience of bringing the vision from the mind to the picture and thus making it live. Finding a proper window took me time, but finally I had an impression it came by itself and knocked on my door. An absolute culmination of the „Window to Paris“ project –  Anna performing Scorpion pose on the third store without any belay. Still not sure if that`s any reason for me to be proud of but I just can`t leave my hat on.

Though these are only  few pictures I express my thankfulness to everyone who committed to their creation by giving me precious advice, inspiring and encouraging.  My sincere thanks to all the architechts who took their time searching for „my“ window and my deepest gratitude to the most sensitive model Anna.

So that`s it – enjoy! ))) and keep your balance.